Why You Need Bluetooth Speakers In Your Home Office 

 Nowadays, a home office is becoming a great place to work. As a remote worker, one of the many things you may need is Bluetooth speakers. Sonic defects like grating sound when communicating might put off the person on the other end. 

During online meetings and calls, high-quality speakers will make you sound more proficient and clear. This is important to leave a good impression on your clients or colleagues. You may also need music to relax while working. Research confirms that music is great for productivity.

In this detailed post, you’d find good reasons to get Bluetooth speakers in your home office. Looking for a good place to get high-quality Bluetooth speakerphones? Read further to explore our reviews on the best Bluetooth speakers from Amazon.

How Bluetooth Speaker Works 

Bluetooth speakers allow you to make calls, listen to music, or even have meetings. It saves you from the hassle of connecting wires, so keeping your workspace free from clutter. In addition, many of the best Bluetooth speakers today are compact and give impressive sound. This helps to further save you space if you own a small or medium home office

Setting up your Bluetooth speakers is easy. Just position it at your desired spot and connect the speakers to your phone, PC, or tablet. A Bluetooth speaker works using Bluetooth technology. This is achieved when your speakers transmit short radio waves into sound energy. 

Connecting your device to your Bluetooth speakers is pretty simple. Just go to settings and select the Bluetooth option on your device. This will turn on your Bluetooth and make your device available to connect. Every Bluetooth speaker has a unique name, so you will see your speaker’s name come on your screen. Tap on it to pair and connect. 

You’d get an indication from the speaker once it’s connected. Bluetooth speakers can also allow you to connect all your devices simultaneously. This is important if you want to multitask while working. 

Benefits of Bluetooth Speaker In A Home Office

#1: They’re Portable and Wireless

The excess wiring that comes with traditional speakers makes them a hassle. Wires get tangled and messy, making it a hassle to carry everywhere. They also cause unnecessary cluttering and sometimes hazards. Traditional speakers are also pretty heavy to carry around. This is usually why they’re left in one place.

Bluetooth speakers, however, solve these problems. They are usually wireless. This makes it easy to move them around. They’re also mostly designed to be compact and lightweight, which makes them portable. 

#2: They are Energy-Efficient

Asides from wires, most traditional speakers need to be plugged into an electrical outlet. This powers them to come on and function. This makes them inefficient if you’re not close to a power source. 

Do you need to hold that meeting wherever you are? Bluetooth speakerphones can come through for you. They are designed with rechargeable or disposable batteries to power them when you need them. These batteries can be efficient enough to last 48 hours and more if well-charged. 

#3: Impressive Sound Quality

As a home office owner, high-quality sound is important to leave a good impression on your business. Whether you’re communicating with a client or colleague a good Bluetooth speaker gives a good experience. 

Great sound is a feature of many wireless Bluetooth speakers. They’re made to deliver the best sounds to function efficiently compared to many traditional speakers. 

#4: You Can Save Energy

Many Bluetooth speakers today aim to save energy while working efficiently. With a well-charged battery, some Bluetooth speakers work as a power source to charge your phone or tablet. This works best during an emergency where you need to power up your device. 

#5: Zero Installation Hassles 

Once you know how to connect your Bluetooth speakers, then you’re good to go. There is no need for any sophisticated installation nor do you need special technical know-how to get it working. 

Most Bluetooth speakers are designed to be user-friendly. The power button as well as other buttons are easily navigable and can be operated. This saves you time to get your calls, meetings, and presentations in order when you want to. 

Bluetooth Speaker Buying Guide: The Core Features To Consider 

Speakerphone Capability

As a home office owner, you may need your speaker to allow you to take important business calls and hold conference meetings. This allows you to communicate and interact with high-quality sound.

Many Bluetooth speakers with speakerphone functionality have a built-in microphone and loudspeaker. This works two ways, allowing you to speak clearly and listen to the other party. Some speakers have duplex speakerphone features to allow participants to interact simultaneously.

Audio Quality

This is an important feature to consider when getting Bluetooth speakers. The model or brand you choose has to produce a high-quality, clean sound. This can help you sound better during presentations, calls, and meetings. It is also relaxing to listen to music or a call coming from speakers with excellent audio quality. 

Many Bluetooth speakers give specifications for total harmonic distortion. This is the ability of the speaker to cancel out distortions that could affect the sound. Speakers with total harmonic distortion below 1% have good audio quality. 

Frequency Response 

It is also important to look out for frequency response as it can also affect sound quality. Frequency response is the range of frequencies audible enough for a speaker to produce. It is usually represented by two figures known as the top and bottom frequencies. It also comes with the number of decibels (dB) it can produce. 

Many Bluetooth speakers are designed with a 20Hz-20kHz range with a +3dB capacity. This range is the lower and upper limit of human hearing sensitivity. 

Audio Power

Audio power is a specification given in watts it is important to know how loud and efficient a speaker can be. Although it is not always specified, audio power is a core feature that is often overlooked.

Based on your preferences, you can select a Bluetooth speaker with high or low audio power. If you work in a large home office you may need speakers with higher audio power. While medium and small offices may need lower audio power speakers. 

Bluetooth Version

Over time, Bluetooth versions have been developed to improve the functionality of Bluetooth devices. The latest Bluetooth version is Bluetooth 5 which is advanced enough to collect data as in sensors and fitness trackers. Bluetooth speakers with version 2.1 can provide quality sound. This is due to their capability to carry more data and give ample audio quality.

Battery Life

Battery life is one of the core features to consider before buying a Bluetooth speaker. Some small speakers can last for a few hours, while bigger speakers can last longer. 

Speakers with long battery life may be pricey. So, it is important to check your budget before choosing one. Still, when buying a speaker, ensure that the battery life will last long enough. Also keep in mind that the longer you use your speakers, the lower the battery life falls. 

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Connectivity and Charging Style

Connectivity is important to allow you to easily connect your devices to your speakers without any hassle. It is defined as the compatibility of the speakers even at low speeds or far ranges.

Bluetooth speakers with all-around connectivity like aux-in wired feature and NFC (Near Field Communication) are a great advantage. Most Bluetooth speakers have a 3.5mm jack where you can connect wired devices. This way, you can connect to wired and far-range devices with ease. 

For charging style, Bluetooth speakers come in a USB-C or MicroUSB. Although the USB-C port is more efficient, the MicroUSB port can help you connect to many devices which have the same port. So this feature depends largely on your preference. 

Smart Feature

When selecting a Bluetooth speaker, look out for the smart feature. Smart speakers allow you to easily connect with virtual assistants like Amazon Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant. This is a great advantage to help you carry out small tasks and increase productivity. 

Waterproof or Water Resistant 

Portable Bluetooth speakers can be easily carried anywhere. But this advantage can put them at risk of malfunction. 

Waterproof or water-resistant Bluetooth speakers are important to prolong their lifespan and functionality. In cases of accidents like coffee spills, the speakers in your workspace should be safe. 


Choosing a Bluetooth speaker that is your style is also essential. Size, color, and design that fit your taste are important to provide the appeal you desire.

Many Bluetooth speakers are sleek to fit into the interior decor of your home office. If you have a medium or small office, you can get compact speakers that can occupy little space and function efficiently. 

Best Bluetooth Speaker Reviews 

EMEE M2 Max Bluetooth Speakerphone

This is an excellent Bluetooth speakerphone for conference meetings and presentations. It has features best suited for business places. M2 Max costs $199.99 on Amazon.

EMEE M2 Max Features

  • M2 Max comes with 4 audio-level directional microphones. This helps to increase voice pick-up, voice recording, and optimum voice transmission. 
  • It has a unique VOICEAI technology that enhances noise cancellation and voice quality. 
  • Its full-duplex function and loudspeaker ensure simultaneous 2-way communication.
  • It comes with a special daisy chain cable that can connect two extra speakers.
  • It has high compatibility with other devices. It also supports connections with USB, AUX, and Dongle. It works with platforms like Zoom, Skype for Business, Google Hangout, and Facetime. 

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Yealinks CP700 Speakerphone Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Yealinks CP700 supports full-duplex audio technology that allows multiple users to connect. Yealinks CP700 costs $197 on Amazon. 

Yealinks Cp700 Features

  • Yealinks has a full-duplex speakerphone to allow many users to interact simultaneously.
  • It has built-in noise-cancellation microphones to give smooth and clear sound. 
  • It has flexible connectivity to many devices and allows for easy installation. It also has a dongle to improve connectivity.

Bose SoundLink Color II: Portable Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

This feature-packed Bluetooth speaker is a perfect choice not only for your home office but also for outdoor activities. It costs $119.93 on Amazon.

Bose Soudlink Features

  • The Bose soundlink speaker has Bose technology to provide high-quality sound while being water-resistant. 
  • It has a speakerphone function with a built-in microphone to take calls at close and far ranges. 
  • It has flexible connectivity with an NFC feature, and voice prompts. It also has a smart feature to connect with virtual assistants. 

Kaysuda Bluetooth Conference Speakerphone

This Bluetooth speaker is not only feature-rich but efficient and relatively affordable. It costs $79.99 on Amazon.


  • Kaysuda Speakerphone is equipped with 6 AI microphone arrays. These microphones are full-duplex and omnidirectional. 
  • The Acoustic Echo Canceler feature allows this speakerphone to eliminate noise. and produce impressive audio quality. 
  • It is designed for virtual meeting platforms like Skype for Business, Zoom, and Facetime. It can also connect with Siri, Cortana, Google Assistant, and Alexa. 
  • You can connect this speaker through Bluetooth, USB, or dongle to your devices.
  • It has a long battery life of 18 hours.

Jabra Speak 510 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

With Jabra Speak 510, you can enjoy a variety of features plus long-lasting battery life. It costs $102 on Amazon.

Jabra Speak 510 Features

  • Jabra Speak 510 has an impressive speaker system with an inbuilt microphone to easily take calls and hold meetings. 
  • It had a lightweight, slim, and compact design to support portability. 
  • It works well with many devices and virtual meeting platforms. 
  • Jabra Speak 510 has an impressive battery life of 15 hours. 

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As a home office owner, you can get many benefits from getting Bluetooth speakers from Amazon. Asides from being portable, you get impressive sound, easy connection, and installation. With Bluetooth speakers from Amazon, you can get excellent audio quality. You can also participate in meetings and leave a positive impression with clean, uninterrupted sound. 

Wireless Bluetooth speakers also keep your workspace clutter-free and organized. They don’t need a power outlet to work because they are equipped with rechargeable or disposable batteries.

Get the best, feature-rich Bluetooth speakers on Amazon at affordable prices today.

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