10 Best Uses of Garden Rooms In California

Building a garden room is a great way to use your garden space. If you live in California, you are most likely to have beautiful topography. So it’s easier to erect a nice garden room. 

From saving extra home space to adding value to your property, a garden room is beneficial in many ways. It is also less expensive and easy to build compared to a house extension. This allows you to maximize your garden space at low costs. 

You may be surprised that you can use your garden room for recreational and functional purposes. Read further to find ten ways to utilize your garden room to its full potential. 

What Is A Garden Room?

To start from scratch, let’s explain the meaning of the term “garden room.” A garden room is a separate building in a garden or yard. Unlike garden sheds, garden rooms serve as a luxury structure and a multifunctional space. They are made from quality materials to withstand harsh weather and last long.

Garden rooms are built to be well-insulated and water-tight. They are made to be residence-grade with ample ventilation so that you can use them as an extra room. Garden rooms can have a kitchenette, a toilet, and all that is needed for living. You can also design the interior space to look elegant and luxurious. 

You barely need planning permission to build a garden room, especially when you meet the standard building requirements. A garden room is a cost-effective option to utilize your garden space. It doesn’t take time to build and will barely disrupt your day-to-day activities. 

When To Build A Garden Room In Your Home

Maybe you need extra home space and are looking for a good way to create one. Or you need a quiet place away from your main home to work, practice yoga, or relax. If you need any of these, consider opting for a garden room. 

You may wonder why you need a garden room instead of just adding a home extension. But considering the functionality and some factors, a garden room may be better for you.

You will need to build a garden room if you:

  • Don’t want to apply for planning permission. 
  • Wish to have a luxurious relaxation area.
  • Want to save money but get quality? A garden room is more cost-effective compared to a home extension. 
  • Need to create extra space for many purposes like a home office, studio, gym, etc.
  • Wish to have your space within a shorter time. A home extension can take months to build. They can be disruptive and inconvenient to build. 
  • Don’t want to disturb the neighborhood. Building a home extension can cause lots of noise and dust that may disturb the neighbors. 

There is no perfect time or season to build a garden room. You can begin construction when ready to set up your garden room. Modular garden rooms are prefabricated off-site and can be easily installed. And bespoke garden rooms are built from scratch, allowing you to design them how you wish. 

Uses of Garden Rooms In California And Other Places 

  1. Garden Office

These days, more people are working from home. So there is a high demand for a home office to make work easier. Not many people have a space in their homes. And many more people find concentrating difficult while working from their homes. This can adversely affect motivation to work and performance. 

A solution to this problem is to have a separate home office. With space in your yard, you can install a garden room for a garden office. This can be a dedicated and professional workspace that helps you stay productive. 

  1. Gym House

What better way to stay fit than to have your gym house right in your home? It gets even better if you have sufficient space in your garden to set up your own fitness center. 

If you don’t fancy going out to a public gym, you can still enjoy your workouts at your home. A garden room can be a perfect way to create that extra space for you to keep fit. The good thing is that you can set it up to suit your fitness needs.

  1. Guest Room

Your friends can come over to have a good time. But it can also be inconvenient when there isn’t enough space to accommodate everyone. This can even get awkward, especially when you need privacy in your home. 

Using your garden room as a guest room is a brilliant way to accommodate your guests. You can include essentials like electrics, insulation, kitchen, restroom, etc. Adorning your garden room with accessories can make it more convenient and inviting. 

You can earn extra cash by renting your well-designed guest room on Airbnb. 

  1. Hobby Room

A garden room can be a perfect space to indulge in your favorite hobby comfortably. It is a separate and quiet area to do what you love and even turn it into a flourishing business. 

Whether an artist, musician, or designer, a garden room can be an excellent place to carry out your pastime. 

  1. Relaxation Spot

Having a space in your garden where you and your family can relax and have fun is fantastic. You can turn your garden room into a spa with a hot tub where you can unwind on a cool day. Or design it like a patio where you can get warmed up in the sun. 

If you have a beautiful landscape, you can set up your garden room to capture the scenery. Another great idea is to turn your garden room into a mini cinema, where you can enjoy Netflix and chill.

  1. Yoga Studio

If you love to practice yoga or meditation, a garden room can be the perfect space to set up a yoga studio. Your main house can be full of distractions and may not be a conducive area for you. 

But with a garden room, you get a quiet, serene environment away from home to concentrate better. 

You can design your studio by painting it with your favorite color to suit your needs. Add large mirrors, some yoga mats, and storage cabinets to get started. 

  1. Kids Play House

Kids love to play outside, but it may not be safe for them when the weather is not pleasant. Your garden room can be an alternative playroom where your kids can do fun stuff safely. You can also store their toys and keep an eye on them there.

Install safety flooring when setting up your garden room as a playhouse for your kids. You can use rubber flooring or a soft carpet to prevent your kids from having accidents. 

  1. Additional Living Space

If you are looking for additional space in your home, a garden room can serve you well. Maybe you need to add an extra bedroom or living room. You can design your garden room to suit the role you need it to play. 

You may consider a home extension. But building a garden room for that extra space you crave can be a better alternative. You don’t have to endure inconvenience and disruption in your daily activities. This is because a garden room is easier to build, install and design. It is also more cost-effective and can serve many purposes. 

  1. Game Room

Set aside time and space for entertainment when you use your garden room for games. This brings both family and friends together to connect and have some fun.

How you design your game room depends on the type of games you are interested in. Computer games like Xbox or Playstation will need shelves or a stand where you can place them. You can also set up nice furniture for players if you are into board games. 

When designing your game room, lighting and accessories can adorn your space. Easy access to electricity and the internet is also essential for computer games. 

  1. Study Room

Another good use of a garden room is for studying. Interruptions and noise can prevent you from concentrating and studying. So you may need a good study area at home. 

Because it is detached from the main house, a garden room can help you focus better and reduce distractions. It can be well-suited for reading if designed properly. 

An ergonomic chair and desk are what you need to get started. You can also put up bookshelves with your favorite books. It’s best to include a desk lamp to prevent eye strain and a coffee station to make coffee.

Garden Room Design Ideas For Working From Home 

No matter the purpose of your garden room, it should have a well-furnished interior design. This gives your garden room a visual appeal, making it inviting and elegant.

You needn’t break the bank to get good garden room decor. Simply tapping into your creative juices can create the magical look you crave for your garden room. 

The design you choose can depend on what you want to use your garden room for. Whether your garden room is for recreational or functional purposes, below are some design ideas to try:

  • Let Your Choice of Design Suit Your Garden Room Purpose

Elaborate designs are perfect when your garden room is used for recreational purposes. But if you use it to work or study, you can use a minimalistic but professional design. 

  • Choose Colors Carefully

Colors can affect mood, so choosing colors that suit your garden room’s purpose and design style is essential. Blend in your favorite colors to complement each other and beautify your garden room interior. 

  • Don’t Skip The Flooring

Flooring is an often neglected part of interior design. Consider choosing a nice floor type that is well-suited to the purpose your garden room will serve. 

  • Add Accessories for Decoration

You can hang your favorite pieces of art or include throw pillows, potted plants, and flower vases. Any accessory that blends into your design can adorn your space. 

  • Consider The Garden Room Spacing

Space is essential as it determines how you design your garden room. For small garden rooms, choose small-scale design materials. And opt for medium to bigger materials for merging garden rooms. 

  • Lighting Brightens up The Place

Ambient lights are perfect for illuminating your garden room when used for recreation. They are also nice when the garden room is used as an office or study room. But including task lighting is essential to prevent eye strain. 

Garden Room Design Ideas: The FAQs

What Is The Maximum Size For A Garden Room?

The maximum size of a garden room is 2.7 yards tall. It can be 4 yards tall if it has a dual-pitched roof. Garden rooms must be a single story and be within 2 yards of the main home. 

Do Garden Rooms Need Foundations?

Yes, they do. Without a good foundation, a garden room cannot withstand harsh weather or resist damage. A foundation helps it to be sturdy and durable. 

Can I Build A Brick Garden Room?

Yes, you can. A brick garden room has a unique design of bricks that gives it a cozy feeling. This is because bricks are insulators that trap the warmth. 

How Long Does It Take To Build A Garden Room?

Some garden rooms can be installed in a day, while others can take a few days or weeks. Building a garden room is much easier and takes little time compared to a home extension. 

How Do You Build And Design A Simple Garden Room?

You can order a modular garden room or hire professionals to do the job for you. But if you want to do it yourself, it is essential first to set a budget and have a plan. After properly designing your project, you can go ahead and get your materials to get started. 


A garden room is great for making use of your garden. It has many benefits, from creating extra space in your home to adding value to your property. You can use your garden room for many purposes, including recreation, work, and study. 

No matter your garden room’s purpose, it should be well-furnished to have good visual appeal and elegance.

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