Home Office Furniture Buying Guide For Beginners

Without read a detailed home office furniture buying guide like this one, there is a chance you might make some avoidable purchase mistakes. Regardless of the store you want to buy from, getting some salient details on how to choose home office furniture set will help you get the best products that will enable to work long hours without the risk of bad posture.

When setting up your home office, one of the essential things to get right is furniture. This is because good furniture can help you work comfortably and boost your productivity. It also adds visual appeal to your home office, helps your stay organized, and prevents body aches. 

Choosing the best home office furniture can be challenging, especially with many products in the market. But when you are clear on what you need, it becomes easier to narrow down your options. 

We’re here to help guide you to get the best furniture for your home office. In this post, we outline core factors to consider when buying home office furniture. We also review some of the best products to check out on Amazon. 

Types of Home Office Furniture

Furniture makes up a big part of the essentials for home office setup. Your work type is a determining factor in the type of furniture you need to buy.

For instance, if your work involves physical meetings with clients, you may need a more professional office setup. You’d also need extra furniture like loveseats, or extra office chairs and a meeting table.

If you are wondering what furniture you need, check out the basic types of home office furniture below:

#1: Office Desk

An office desk provides a surface for you to do work, carry some gadgets, and even contain shelves. Desks come in many designs, sizes, styles, colors, etc., depending on your needs.

A height-adjustable desk is perfect if you need to stand while working. If you need to maximize space, consider getting a corner desk or floating desk. For portability, you can get one with casters or a foldable type. 

#2: Ergonomic Office Chair

Getting the perfect office chair is highly essential. This is because you can get back aches and bad posture if you don’t use an office chair with an ergonomic design. Office chairs come in many designs and styles. But look out for one with great features. 

Your ergonomic office chair should be height-adjustable and have proper wheels and lumbar support. Look out for chairs that are well-cushioned and made with breathable materials. A good office chair should have armrests, a headrest, and a deep seat design to support your back, arms, and legs. 

#3: Storage Cabinet

A storage cabinet stores important documents, gadgets, and other office items. It helps keep your things organized, thereby reducing clutter. They also add visual appeal to your home office.

Some storage cabinets have an open design where you can place office items and accessories to decorate your space. Others have a drawer design that keeps items hidden.

If you have little space, you can get an office desk with storage cabinets attached. But if you have a larger space, you can get a separate storage cabinet. 

#4: Book Shelves

Having your personal library in your home office is an excellent addition. Bookshelves keep your books and files organized and make them easy to retrieve at any time.

Bookshelves are in varying designs, sizes, and colors whether you have a small or big home office. You can get a floating bookshelf to save floor space or a tree-shaped one for decoration. 

#5: Accessory Seats and Tables

Having a larger home office means more space to include additional furniture. You can add loveseats, a center table, and side stools. Accessory furniture adds visual appeal to your office, making it welcoming to visitors or clients. 

Home Office Furniture Buying Guide: What Should You Consider?

Buying home office furniture can be challenging, especially if you are new to interior decor. Before hitting the market for your home office furniture, the first thing to be sure of is your needs. Once you have identified what you want, check out the following factors to consider:


Consider looking out for furniture with an ergonomic design. You can easily become stressed or overwhelmed if your work typically requires long hours. Your furniture should provide comfort and prevent any health detriments while you work. 

Get the best ergonomic office chair to help prevent bad posture due to hunching over your computer. Also, consider buying a height-adjustable desk that allows you to stand and work. You can also include a footrest to prevent strains in your foot. 

Available Space

Check the available space in your home office to know the size of furniture to buy. You can take measurements to guide you when you hit the market.

Desks and storage cabinets take up more ground space. So, if your home office is small, you can opt for floating desks, storage cabinets, and shelves. If your office is bigger, you can consider adorning it with accessory furniture. 

Aesthetics and Design

Furniture is also important to beautify your workspace. An aesthetically pleasing home office can be soothing, motivating, and aid in creativity. 

Go for furniture designs that suit your style. If you aren’t sure about your choice, you can choose from popular themes like vintage, contemporary, eclectic, or traditional. 


If you need to save more money on a budget, consider getting furniture with multiple functions. For instance, you can get a desk with attached storage cabinets and shelves. You can also get a chair for work, but also adjustable enough to allow you to relax. 

Your accessory furniture not only adorns your workspace but can also serve as a collaboration or meeting spot. 

Work Type and Work Time

Considering your work type before getting home office furniture will save you money and stress. If you work away from home or require only your laptop to work, you may not need to spend much money on home office furniture.

But if you spend long hours working from home or meeting clients physically, you may need to invest in good furniture. 

Best Home Office Furniture Sets On Amazon 

#1: Dekhaoxe Adjustable Home Office Desk 

The Dekhaoxe home office desk is compact, portable (with casters), and height-adjustable. It is made of high-quality steel and wood, making it durable, stable, and waterproof. 

This desk can be adjusted to a height of 28-35 inches, serving as a standing desk. It is also multifunctional, having a two-layered storage rack to store books, office supplies, and other items. 

#2: Amazon Basics Padded Office Desk Chair 

A good ergonomic chair from AmazonBasics is perfect for your home office. It is height-adjustable and flexible to suit your needs. It is a well-padded seat with tilt control and a padded armrest. 

This ergonomic chair is designed with polyurethane-bonded faux leather. So, it is breathable, lightweight, and elegant. It is also 5-legged, with durable casters to give you convenience. 

#3: Bush Furniture Key West 2 Drawer Lateral File Cabinet

If you love traditional design, then the Bush furniture file cabinet is an excellent choice. It comes in a casual two-lateral drawer design with sufficient space to store files, books, paperwork, and other important items.

The washed gray color design adds a traditional aesthetic to your workspace. This goes together with the unique X pattern accent on the drawer panels. The cabinet is also available in subtle colors like bing cherry, dark gray, and white.

#4: Flash Furniture High Back Desk Chair 

Looking for an elegant blend of comfort and style in your office chair? Consider getting the sleek desk chair from Flash Furniture. It boasts of a classic white leather design and chrome finish on its frame and arms.

It is also carefully crafted with an ergonomic design and Leathersoft material for your comfort.

The desk chair has a high back to support your upper back, lumbar support, and a waterfall seat edge to reduce pressure on your legs. It is height-adjustable with a tilt-lock system for rocking or reclining the chair.

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#5: Panana Wood File Cabinet

Panana wood file cabinet is made with a sleek and modern design to blend into your interior décor. It is made with high-quality, sturdy, and durable wood material.

The cabinet is multifunctional with three lockable drawers on one side, and two open shelves on the other. Its storage bins are big enough to contain your printer, scanner, CPU, or any other gadget. 

The file cabinet is also portable with four durable casters. Allowing you to conveniently position, or move it with ease. The casters are anti-tipping, and lockable, giving the cabinet stability. 

#6: Mr. IRONSTONE L-Shaped Computer Desk 

Get value for your money with the highly multifunctional Mr. IRONSTONE L-shaped desk. As a typical computer desk, it comes with two USB charging ports and two power outlets. It also has two detachable storage shelves, a headphone hooker, and a fabric storage bag. 

The desk is made of a high-quality MDF board, a strong metal frame, and a double s-shaped construct to support heavily weighted devices. The l-shaped desk can be height-adjusted and reassembled to suit your décor needs. It also has anti-slip foot pads to keep the desk stable. 

#7: IOTXY Wooden Open Shelf Bookcase 

A simple and stylish bookcase can go a long way in storing your items and beautifying your home office. The IOTXY wooden open-shelf bookcase is manufactured from medium-density fibreboard and raised wooden legs.

It comes in rich colors such as tiffany green, bright blue, pear yellow, and warm white. The bookcase has deep cube shelves, giving you room to organize and store more items. It is also sturdy, durable, and functional. 

Top Home Office Equipment Besides Furniture

Asides from furniture, your home office needs to be equipped with tools to help you work better. Below is some essential equipment you will need in your home office:

  • Laptop
  • Anti-blue glasses
  • Webcam
  • Noise-canceling headphones
  • Power surge strip
  • Desk lamp

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Pick Furniture For Home Office?

The first step to picking home office furniture is deciding what you need. And when making these decisions, always consider your work type, worktime, style, budget, and ergonomics. It’s great to go for high-quality furniture because they are sturdy and durable. 

How Do I Choose An Office Desk?

With your needs in mind, choosing your office desk should come easily. If you are tech-savvy, you can consider buying a computer desk. Computer desks are typically adjustable and large enough to accommodate devices. They are also equipped with a keyboard platform, USB port, and power outlets. 

If you prefer a minimalistic design, you can opt for a simple desk with your required size. It is essential to check the features of the desk you wish to buy, to see if it suits your needs. 

How Do You Know What Size Desk To Get?

To know what size of desk to get, consider the available space in your home office. A large space can accommodate a large desk, while a small desk is fit for a small space. 

Ensure to take measurements of the dimensions of your space to guide you in your buying process. Try to add a little extra room so the desk can fit into space, but not cramped up. 

What Makes A Good Office Desk?

A good office desk should be made with high-quality materials and resistant to damage over time. It should be sturdy, well-balanced, and durable for a given period. 

When choosing a desk, look out for the type that suits your needs, budget, and workspace. Consider getting a good desk that suits your interior décor. It should adorn your workspace with visually appealing aesthetics. 

Should You Buy Matching Office Furniture?

Selecting furniture that blends with your style is important to give your workspace an elegant look. And color is an important element to look out for.

You can choose furniture with a matching color scheme to give a monochromatic design. Or, you can experiment with varying colors. Choose colors that complement each other to bring a burst of vibrancy to your workspace. 

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Getting the right furniture for your home office is one of the most essential steps in setting up your workspace. Not only does good furniture add visual appeal to the office, but also prevents body aches when working. 

Your home office furniture includes the important office desk, chair, and file cabinets. While other optional ones are bookshelves, accessory seats, and tables.

When buying home office furniture, ensure to get ones that are ergonomic, multifunctional, and affordable. Also consider your available space, style, work time and type, and budget.

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