20 Garden Office Design Ideas For Remote Workers

Looking for inspiring garden office design ideas to style up your workspace? We’ve got you.  Read further to explore our workable tips for designing your garden office.

We all know that a functional garden office combines the comfort of home life and a business place. It is your customizable workspace allowing you to design it to your taste while maintaining your professional image. 

Whether you love a classic look, a futuristic setting, or a modern décor, there are many ideas to get started. In this article, we provide 20 garden office design ideas to keep you inspired. 

What Is A Garden Office?

If you just came across the term “garden office,” you may wonder what it means. Let us explain. A garden office is a type of garden room used mainly as a home office. It is a small, detached structure installed in a garden or backyard and used as a workspace. 

You can install a kitchenette and/or toilet in your garden office for convenience. It can also include a space to store essential items like your documents. 

Garden offices have been created to provide a comfortable working area and should last for several years. So, they should be well-insulated, well-ventilated, and constructed with quality materials. Garden offices should be able to resist harsh weather and also last for the expected time. 

For this reason, it is essential to hire the services of a skilled garden office company. 

Why You Need A Garden Office For Remote Work 

Having a garden office is beneficial in many ways. It is an investment that allows you to enjoy working from home. Here are reasons why you need a garden office:

  • It separates work from home: Leaving your home, your “office” becomes more realistic as you have an actual office out of your home. 
  • It cuts down costs of transportation: With a garden office, you wouldn’t need to spend money to go to work every day. 
  • It gives you a professional and private working space: This gives you a good image of your clients or employers. You wouldn’t need to bother about interference or distractions. 
  • It improves your work performance: With few distractions, there is more focus and working spirit. This leads to more work speed and performance. 
  • Freedom to design your workspace as you like: Your garden office is your personalized workspace. So you can choose which design or color suits your taste. 
  • It boosts your property’s value: This is why a garden office is an excellent investment. When built correctly, a garden office can increase the value of your house if you ever need to sell it. 

Garden Office Design Ideas To Get You Started 

  1. Natural and Simplistic

A space that isn’t too funky or bland, just in between. Saving you money and giving you convenience. If you love a simple design, you can opt for a neutral and minimalistic style. When we say neutral, we speak of color. Neutral colors add a professional aura to your office while blending with your minimalistic design. 

  1. Get Creative with Paint

Do you love bold colors? A dark look? Or light and sweet? A dash of colored paint to your garden office can add a bubbly appearance on the inside and outside. You can add a striking accent color hue in your work area while painting other areas a different color. This adds beauty to your garden office interior. 

  1. Nomadic Office

So you love to go to different places but also need your workspace? Here’s a great idea! You can convert a caravan into a garden office. This way, you can work at home and any other place. It is an excellent way to stay mobile, enjoy different views, and still have your privacy.

  1. Sun And Shade Design

Natural lighting is healthy and a great way to illuminate your garden office. This type of garden office comes with stylish blinds or curtains to keep out much sunlight. But it still helps to warm up your office. You can also include a lovely skylight on your roof to let in light when you like. 

  1. Put Up Artwork

Hanging up your favorite pieces of art is a great way to beautify your office and even keep you inspired. Art can improve your decor, whether you’ve got paintings, sculptures, or figurines. 

  1. Add A Touch of Futuristic Concepts

Take your garden office to the next level with a futuristic look. From unique shapes to nice tech accessories, you can blend in that sci-fi style. Eccentric designs can make your garden office look stylish and elegant. 

  1. Work in A Sphere

Speaking of eccentricity, here’s a superb example. A spherical-designed garden office looks like something from the future. It goes well with white-colored decor to complete the look. It is elegant inside and out, giving you that convenient space to work. 

  1. Sweet And Petite

You can still have your office if you don’t have enough garden space. A petite garden office pod can fit into a small space. It also allows you to customize your work materials in an appealing way.

  1. State-Of-The-Art Style

You can set up your garden office in a modern style. Whether bespoke or modular, a modern garden office will always appear professional, clean, and elegant. 

  1. Highlight Your Scenery

If you have a beautiful scene in your backyard, you can install your garden office to capture that unique setting. This can help to clear your mind or inspire you while working. For instance, a lovely landscape, a snow-capped mountain, or a flowing river can be a beautiful sight for you and your guests.

  1. Opt for A Classic Look

Adding a vintage look can make your garden office stylish. Building your garden office with a pitched roof is one great way to give off that classic look. Like most vintage things, a pitched roof is more sturdy and resistant than other types of roofs. 

  1. Blend In With Nature

Greenery can be a beautiful addition to your garden office’s exterior. incorporating a green roof and potted plants can help you blend into the surrounding vegetation. This is an eco-friendly way to design your garden office.

  1. Cube-styled Garden Pod

This is another garden office style you can try out. It also gives off a contemporary and eccentric look that leaves your guests impressed. Usually, cube-styled garden office pods are modular and can be installed in your backyard. 

  1. Experiment With Some Color

Earlier, we talked about using paint to beautify your garden office. Here, you can mix colors to give a unique look to your interior and exterior decor. 

  1. Light It Up

Lighting is a great way to design your workspace. Ambient string lights can add some sparkling magic at night, adding beauty on the inside and out. While a chandelier can give that classic look to your interior. Nevertheless, don’t forget to have your task light close as you work.

  1. Style with Unique Furniture

Nice furniture never goes wrong in furnishing the interior decor of any living space. You can use a beautiful wood design like animal print to style up your working desk or storage cabinets. 

  1. Wood-Finished Design

From flooring to walls and roofing, the uses of wood are endless. The unique brown color adds warmth and style to your garden office. You can choose the best design for your office with many wood types available.

  1. Beautify with Flowers

This is a cost-effective way to style up your garden office. Flowers add beauty, warmth, and vibrancy to interior and exterior design. Feel free to put up your favorite flowers in your office.

  1. Get A Stylish Flooring Type

Not all flooring types are suited for a garden office. And only a few can add elegance to your garden office. For example, vinyl, wood, and carpet are great flooring choices. Your flooring choice should complement the color and design of the room’s walls, furniture, and other components.

  1. Warm Rugs Welcoming

Adding a stylish rug in the center of your office can improve its interior look. You can also add one at the entrance to welcome your guest. 

How To Choose The Best Garden Office Builders 

Selecting the best builders or contractors for your garden office is essential to get quality. Finding a company that can build and design your garden office to your taste is best.

Whether you need a classic, contemporary, or futuristic design, the best company can give you your desired style. Here are things to consider when choosing the best builder for your garden office:

  • Verify If The Company Is Licensed 

It is essential to check if the company has a license from the regulatory body. This implies that the business is qualified to build and design your garden office. 

  • Professional and Credible

Having a license is not enough. You have to confirm if the company is professional, trustworthy, and good at what they do. Check up on past clients and buildings to confirm. You can also read reviews and inspect pictures of previous works. 

  • Do A Background Check

Check other information like company values, experience, and pricing. This way, you clearly understand what you need and which company to choose. Ensure to avoid cheap building plans because they can be of less quality.

DIY Garden Office Build vs. Professional Development 

Constructing and designing a garden office can either be done by you or professionals. A DIY garden office build is usually more inexpensive than hiring skilled workers. This is because you do all the work yourself. 

To make building easy, you can order a modular garden office that is already prefabricated off-site. It comes with a manual that helps you install it properly in your garden or backyard. Hiring a professional to fix essentials like electricity and plumbing is advisable. 

If you need a bespoke garden office, then you have to start building from scratch. Although it is possible to build one yourself, you may need to hire professionals for the job. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Garden Office Design

Can I Add A Skylight To My Garden Office Design?

Yes, you can. Skylights are a beautiful addition to your garden office roof to take it to the next level. They add luxury and help you relax while in your garden office. They also add some natural light to the room. A skylight needs to be installed meticulously.

Can I Have A Toilet And/Or Kitchen In My Garden Office?

Yes, you can. A kitchen and toilet in your garden office can be a necessary addition to your garden office. This adds to your convenience while you work. You can make light snacks and have your coffee maker in the kitchen. And also relieve yourself in the toilet without going into the main house. You can hire a plumber to install the requirements for your garden office. 

Can I Paint/Stain The Outside Of My Garden Room?

Of course, you can. Although modular garden offices come already painted, you can repaint them to your taste. Bespoke types can also be painted or stained. Painting is a great way to customize your garden office to one that you’d love. 

Can I Install A Fireplace In My Garden Office?

Yes, but this depends largely on the type of garden office you have. It is not advisable for modular offices, but heat can be installed into the structure to give warmth. For bespoke offices, you can design a fireplace section before construction.

Can I Have Underfloor Heating?

Yes, you can. While many garden offices are insulated to retain heat, others are not. So, if your office lacks insulation or you need additional heat, you can install underfloor heating. 


A garden office gives you a personal space that you can customize to your taste. Depending on your work type, you may need to design your garden office to be professional. Still, you can uniquely blend in your style. 

This article gives you 20 unique ideas to inspire you on how to style up your garden office. With these ideas, you can create a happy, healthy, and lively working environment.

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