Top 10 Garden Office Builders In California

As more people work from home, the need for good garden office builders increases. Finding the best garden office builder is not easy, especially if you live in California.

You will need a professional to meet your needs and offer good services. Nobody wants to spend money on a crappy job. We all need a quality, cozy, functional, and professional garden office. 

The good news is that you can get California’s best garden office building services. In this post, we select the best companies that can give you quality at a reasonable cost. We also explain how you can choose the right builder for you. 

Why Invest In A Home Office Setup? 

Wondering why you need to invest in a home office setup?

Here’s why. 

Working from home is great, but if you don’t have a dedicated workspace, it may affect your productivity. This is because you can quickly get distracted and unmotivated to work. You may not have a boundary between work and home life. So you can get overwhelmed with having to keep up with everything. 

A home office helps you solve these problems. You get a nice workspace that allows you to work with a clear head. You can stay focused and improve your work speed and productivity. You also get a professional space to meet your clients, coworkers, or employees. 

The truth is, the more your office is away from your home, the more you can get your mind out of your home life and focus on work. But since your work is at home, you will need a strict workspace inside your home or close to it. 

You can build a garden office in your yard or garden. This is a great way to get to your office from home. Other alternatives are using a spare room or converting a space into an office. 

How To Compare And Hire Garden Office Builders In California

To set up a garden office, you may need to either get a modular building or construct a bespoke office from scratch. No matter your choice, selecting the best garden office builder is essential. 

Before hiring a garden office builder, it is essential to determine what you need. Once you have a personal standard, you can compare different services to hire your choice. 

Since there are many builders, you must be keen on selecting the best one for the job. Here’s how to compare garden office builders and hire the best:

  • Check License Statuses

It is best to go for a business with the necessary license to build your garden office. A license assures you that the builder has the required skill set to do the job. 

  • Verify Qualifications

Checking for licenses is not enough. It is advisable to confirm the validity of the license. You can do this by checking relevant regulating agencies.

  • Availability

It is best to check how available the builders are to undertake the project. You may have a deadline to meet, and the builders should be able to complete your garden office within the given time. 

  • Reliability

Your garden office is also a safe space for your to do work. So, the builder you choose should be reliable and trustworthy.

You can confirm this by checking case studies, customer reviews, and testimonies from past clients. Also, ensure that the building has a warranty and is backed by insurance. 

  • Experience and Skill

Never skip checking experience. It is an additional assurance that you will get a quality garden office. Experienced builders tend to recognize common mistakes and are more professional.

  • Competitive Pricing

Consider the pricing of the builder/contractor. Ensure that it fits into your budget and garden office design. Also, be wary of cheap services, as they may not be of excellent quality. You may need a fairly reasonable budget for a high-quality and durable garden office. 

Best Garden Office Builders In California

Some California garden office builders/contractors may deliver ready-made modular garden offices. While some specialize in general construction but can handle outbuilding services. Below are some of the best garden office builders in California in no particular order:

  1. The Shed Shop

The Shed Shop specializes in building outdoor structures. They aim to build custom sheds, garden home offices, backyard studios, shed installation, and more. They are based in Hayward, California, and are also focused on design. They offer on-site services and garden sheds of various designs. 

  1. Southern California Sunrooms

If you love working with sufficient natural light, you can consider hiring this company to build a sunroom. Southern California Sunrooms is a company focusing on building sunrooms, patio rooms, and garden room additions.

  1. Cottage

Cottage is a team of builders, architects, and technologists. They specialize in building ADUs, home renovation, architectural design, and more. Based in San Francisco, they give excellent on-site services if you need to build a separate workspace. 

  1. Los Angeles ADU Builders

Los Angeles ADU builders is a professional ADU company that aims to construct and renovate. They focus on renovating spaces like garages, gardens, and backyards into great spaces. Whether you need to add an extra room or build a detached home office, Los Angeles ADU builders have got you.

  1. Cerca Sheds

Cerca shed focuses on designing and delivering modular sheds for home offices, garden rooms, or studios. The sheds are insulated with high-end finishes and custom designs. They also specialize in making ADUs and family homes.

  1. Backyard Unlimited 

At Backyard Unlimited, you can get a custom-made home office, garage, or studio for your backyard or garden. They also aim to design outdoor spaces like pergolas, pavilions, and gazebos. If you also need to create additional space, you can get an ADU from Backyard Unlimited. 

  1. Right Image Builders

This is a home remodeling service company that offers construction and design services. They take care of all the work from initial sketches to the final construction. They design ADUs, patios, sidings, and more.

Right Image Builders uphold company values like humility, honesty, integrity, passion, and quality. They are a well-known California -based construction company with great reviews. 

  1. Green Bay Remodeling 

Green Bay remodeling is a construction and renovation company. They offer complete services from design conception to construction. They also specialize in remodeling if you need to convert that old backyard space into a home office. Green Bay is a licensed business based in San Francisco, California, and Texas.

  1. San Diego Landcare Systems 

San Diego Landcare Systems deals with outdoor design and building as a contractor company. They do landscape design, patios, water features, barbeque fireplaces, and more. With over 35 years of experience, this company delivers the best outdoor services. This also includes building a garden office in your yard.

  1. Woodside Homes of Central California 

With an experience of more than 40 years, Woodside homes have helped to construct quality homes for residents of California. They focus on home design and construction.

Woodside Homes offer a feature called Work + Space, a well-equipped, dedicated workspace you can use for work. If you do not have a spacious yard to install a garden office, then Woodside Homes can help you create a good workplace. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Garden Office Builders 

Do I Need Permission For A Garden Office?

No, you do not need planning permission for a garden office. A garden office is considered an outbuilding in the eyes of the law. So they are deemed to be “permitted development.” But garden offices need to meet specific requirements to qualify. 

How Big Do You Need A Garden Office?

You can get a big garden office if you need to. But ensure that it is within the permitted size. The best size of garden offices to get falls within 6 yards by length and 4 yards by width. 

What Is A Garden Office Building?

A garden office building is a small, separate building used to carry out work activities. It is also called a garden room or garden shed. But it is different since it is only used as a professional workspace. 

Is A Garden Office A Good Investment?

Yes. A garden office is a good investment. There are many benefits that a garden office can offer. Not only does it gives you a private working space, but it also adds value to your home. A garden office also helps to boost your focus and productivity. 

Do Garden Rooms Need Foundations?

Like every other building, a garden office needs a foundation for stability. A good foundation will enable your garden office last longer while resisting harsh weather. It also provides strength as the weight of the garden office is evenly distributed and balanced. 


The demand for garden office builders increases as more garden offices is needed by people who work from home. Finding a good builder may not be easy, but it is worthwhile to give you quality. 

When selecting a builder in California, look out for qualified companies. Don’t forget to confirm their qualifications, experience, and professionalism. Also, ensure they are reliable and have reasonable pricing that fits your budget.

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