Best Noise Canceling Software For Working From Home

Using the best noise canceling software while working from home could improve your overall work experience. Below are some of the top-rated solutions proven to work well for remote workers like you.

One of the many struggles of working remotely is dealing with ambient noise. Noise is the most common form of distraction. It can obscure your calls, ruin your meetings, and affect your work performance.

A noise-canceling software is used to eliminate unwanted noise from your surroundings. Whether you are live streaming, making a presentation, or attending a virtual meeting, the software removes the ambient noise and focuses on the important sounds.

Choosing the best noise-canceling software for your work can be challenging. That is why in this post, we will guide you on how to get the benefits of the software. We also explain what noise-canceling software is, how to use it, and the benefits you can enjoy. 

What Is Noise Canceling Software? 

A noise-canceling software is an app developed to detect and remove unwanted background noise in recordings, calls, videos, or audio, thereby, improving sound quality.

The software can have features like HD voice maintenance, echo reduction, and background speech removal. It works great especially if you don’t have access to a good microphone.

Noise exists everywhere and can be pretty distracting. From subtle keyboard-clicking sounds to the loud barking of dogs or crying babies. Noise is unavoidable, especially if you are in an environment you can’t control.

Having a home office is one great way to control your working environment. You can pad your walls to minimize noise or use noise-canceling headphones to keep you focused.

How Noise Canceling Software Works 

A noise-canceling software works with virtual communication services like Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP), to get rid of unwanted sounds.

As a result, it helps to improve speaker output by removing sound trash and cleaning the interface. It also makes listening better by reducing repetitive and stationary noises from the incoming audio. 

The software is equipped with AI technology that is familiar to the sound of a human voice. Then, it picks out the sound and amplifies it over other types of sound

Noise cancellation software is great for remote workers who work from home, the cafe, or any other possibly noisy location.

It can be used with video and audio conferencing software for live streaming, video conferences, and audio recordings. 

Benefits of Noise Canceling Software For Remote Work

  • Removes Unwanted Sound

Working remotely means you get to work from anywhere you wish. But this can mean that you have to deal with unwanted noise from your environment. 

A noise-canceling software helps to filter out unwanted sound from your recordings, calls, videos, etc.

It can be your best bet if you don’t have a microphone to improve your studio quality. Or if you lack a pair of noise-canceling headphones to help you concentrate better. 

  • Boost Productivity

Noise is one of the biggest causes of distractions. And dealing with constant distractions from your environment can affect your productivity. It can also lead to frustration, poor attitude to work, and loss of concentration.

Using noise-canceling software is a good way to boost your productivity and help you work better. It removes distracting noise from your recordings, calls, and live streamings. 

  • Improves Speaker Output And Makes Listening Better

Listening to recordings or taking calls with poor audio quality is unpleasant and stressful. Especially if your work involves receiving lots of audio and video data.

You may need noise-canceling software to improve the quality of the speaker output. This helps to produce crisp audio and video sound, making listening seamless. 

  • Positively Impact Your Business/Work

Working remotely relies heavily on communication using technology. Information is regularly passed in written, audio, and video form. If you are a remote worker or run an online business, the poor quality of your sound may discourage your prospects or employers. 

Using noise-canceling software can help to positively impact your business or work. Removing background noise improves your sound quality, and puts you in a good light to your listeners. 

  • Makes You Sound More Professional

In addition to positively impacting your business, using noise-canceling software helps you sound more professional. 

Great businesses and employees always try to maintain a professional outlook. This contributes to maintaining a standard as a brand. Striving to maintain crystal-clear sound in your communication media, makes you appear more competent and serious for work. 

  • Helps to Engage Your Audience

One way that noise-canceling software contributes to improving your business is by engaging your audience. 

The good sound quality that is devoid of background noise is easier to listen to and comprehend. And the more people listen, the more engagement you get, and the higher your chances of achieving your business goals. 

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Best Noise Canceling Software Comparison 

Getting the best noise-canceling software for your work can be challenging. But not to worry, we will explain some of the best products you can get online. 

When choosing noise-canceling software, go for one that protects your privacy. Ensure that the program runs all the audio processing directly on your computer without exporting sensitive audio data to the servers. 

Below are some of the best noise-canceling software for your work:

#1: Krisp

Krisp is one of the most popular noise-canceling applications you’d find. More than 100 million users, including individuals and businesses, use Krisp to facilitate sound communication. 

It is designed with AI-powered technology that cancels noise, unwanted voices, and echoes to improve the sound. It is a perfect tool used by individuals, teams, and organizations to improve communication. It is also great for collecting useful data during surveys, investigations, and more.

Krisp is a cross-platform software that can pair with conferencing apps and devices. It comes with a Free plan which is for occasional use. It also has Pro and Teams plans that unlock more features and are billed per month.

#2: SoliCall Pro

SoliCall Pro is a noise-reduction freeware that aims at improving the audio quality of calls. You can use it on any modern version of Windows to reduce background when making calls.

This software works well for customer service representatives to receive and make calls seamlessly. It is also great for remote teams to communicate effortlessly with one another.

You can install SoliCall Pro on your computer, tablet, or mobile phone. With the software, you can make and receive calls without needing a telephone set.

The software works well with softphones, virtual communication services like VoIP, and many audio formats. It is also a cross-platform software making it compatible with many communication devices. You can also use SoliCall Pro for cloud-based communication.

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#3: IRIS Clarity

IRIS Clarity is an effective voice isolation application that is designed to get rid of ambient noise from your audio or videos in real time. It uses patented AI software that is trained to recognize the voice and isolate it from other types of sounds. 

IRIS Clarity can be integrated with other VoIP services and video conferencing apps like Google Meet, Zoom, etc.

It is easy to download and install on your mobile device, tablet, or computer. IRIS Clarity also works well with windows OS and IOS.

Other features of the IRIS Clarity app are bi-directionality, zero latency, and low CPU requirements. It allows you to make and receive calls seamlessly, while the person on the other end also enjoys the great sound. 

#4: Sound Amplifier

If you use your Android for calls, meetings, and live streaming, Sound Amplifier is a great application to get. It aims to amplify important audio and video sounds during conference calls, virtual meetings, etc.

The app is equipped with features that allow you to customize sound enhancements and reduce the ambient noise around you. You can filter, simplify, and augment the sound types you prefer to hear. 

Sound Amplifiers can work with audio devices like your headset or headphones to improve your listening experience. You can adjust your audio or microphone settings and connect to a wired headset to enjoy this experience.

#5: NoiseGator

NoiseGator is developed by, which is the world’s largest open collaborative platform. It is a lightweight noise-canceling app that is simple, and easy to install and use.

It aims to get rid of background noise in video and audio calls, conferences, and live streams. 

NoiseGator helps to filter out unwanted sounds while you are working, calling, or attending a conference. And so improves speaker quality while producing crisp sound. It can also control the volume of an audio signal using its dynamic processor. 

NoiseGator is a Java-based program that can be used on Windows and Mac. It is recommended that your Windows or Mac have Java 7 or higher for the app to work perfectly. 

It can pair with VoIPs, like Skype, and you will need a virtual audio cable for easy noise-canceling in input or output of sound. 

#6: Samson Sound Deck

Samson Sound Deck is noise-canceling software that aims to eliminate repetitive background noise. Examples of such sounds are power supply hums, keyboard clicks, and fan whirrs. 

Its inbuilt technology helps to produce clear vocals or sounds during calls or recording sounds. 

Samson Sound Deck works well with Windows, macOS devices, and VoIP services. Other features of this software are background noise control and a digital audio recording system. 

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#7: DSP Soundware

If your work involves using headphones to make and receive calls and presentations, DSP Soundware is the best software for you. 

DSP Soundware is an app that removes unwanted noise from your audio devices. You can use it to clean your sound when using your microphone (audio input) or headset (audio output). 

This software has audio digital filters such as bandpass filters, notch filters, and noise filters that allow you to filter audio input and output. 

DSP Soundware works with your headphones to reduce external noise and distractions while listening to music or receiving calls. It also improves the intelligibility of your recordings or audio in noisy environments. 

This software is available only on Windows OS.

#8: Descript

Descript is an effective noise-canceling app equipped with AI technology for removing unwanted ambient sounds. It can also remove echoes, distort sounds, and amplify audio, thus boosting audio quality. 

Descript has features like loudness normalization, auto-leveling, silence removal, audio editing, and room tone. It also has sound effects like compression, EQ, reverb, and more. 

Besides noise-canceling and editing, this software has a screen recording feature, and thumbnail personalization when you need to share videos. It is a  good tool for podcasters to produce quality voiceovers.

When To Buy Noise-Canceling Software 

Working remotely has its perks, but can be frustrating if you can not communicate seamlessly. This can get worse if you live and work in a noisy environment and cannot control it. 

Do you need to make and receive quality calls, recordings, and live streams? Then consider getting noise-canceling software. Noise-canceling software is an essential tool that can help to lessen your troubles by reducing distractions, noise, and unwanted sounds. 

Here are indications that tell you it’s time to get noise-canceling software:

  • You work in a noisy environment
  • You need to remove background noise from your calls, recordings, etc.
  • You don’t like using noise-canceling headphones for long periods, or at all. 
  • You need to sound more professional when communicating with your colleagues, clients, or employer.
  • You want to improve your speech intelligibility to engage your audience and generate leads. 
  • You need a cost-effective alternative to improve your sound quality.

Other Essential Tools For Remote Work 

A noise-canceling software is one of many other essential gadgets for remote work. Below are some of the many must-have tools:

  • Microphone and headphones
  • Webcam
  • Productivity software like Time Doctor, Smart Task, and Trello. 
  • Fast and secure internet access/ VPNs
  • Collaborative and management tools like Slack, Trello, and Microsoft Teams 
  • Communication tools like Skype, and conferencing tools like Zoom and Google Meet.

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Dealing with ambient noise is one of the struggles of working remotely. Not only can it cause distractions, but can also affect your productivity. 

A noise-canceling software helps to remove background noise during calls, recordings, or video conferencing. It also improves your sound quality and boosts your listening experience. As a result, you sound clearer, more professional, and engage with your listeners.

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